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Every time i touch my bunny he balls up as much as possible. I've tried sitting by him and feeding him his favorite treat, carrots, but he wont take them from me. If i set them down he just stares at me til I scoot away. Then I think I ruined any bond I had with him by giving him a bath. He is a white and cream rabbit and his feet, tail and bottom were all yellow from urine in his litterbox. I try to keep it clean but a 12 hr work day makes it a little hard. But i do what I can. He is normally outside, but due to the weather he is inside. I dont know what to do to win him over. :( please help. I feel like he is scared all the time. 

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Steve Collier
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Don't worry too much about it... Baths are good for them and the more you bathe them, the more they will look forward to it... Being alone at home for so many hours may have a lot to do with it's attitude... Rabbits are a very social animal and need companionship... Letting it roam around your home when you are there to supervise may help in taming it also... 

On the other hand, some rabbits are naturally timid and shy... I try to handle the rabbits I raise from the day they are born and I have a tendency to have very friendly rabbits... 


Steve Collier,  owner of Pet Rabbit Ridge

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Just give him some time to get over it. He'll be okay. Same thing happened to me when I tried to bathe my rabbit for the first and last time. Do not try to bathe him again unless there is some sort of emergency. You can do a quick google search to find more information on when bathing is appropriate. Here's something to get you started:


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