Caring For Your New Pet Rabbit

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Easter Equals Huge Sales !

Posted by Steve Collier on March 21, 2011 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As Easter quickly approaches, it seems all my efforts for having a successful season this year have started to pay off... Not only in rabbit sales, but Custom Built Pen Sales as well !!!

I normally sell around $100.00 a week in rabbit sales which is enough to keep the rest of the Warren in feed, but it really doesn't help pay for new and much needed pen space for the farm...

It seems people are really impressed with my new Pet and Breeder Pen designs and business on this side has been tremendous with record sales for the month of March alone and we still have 10 days left this month !!!

I suppose what they say is true... If you offer your customers quality products at affordable prices, they will travel long distances to take advantage of these great savings.

Pet Rabbit Ridge now offers Feed, Feeders, Drinkers and Bedding for our first time customers to help them start taking care of their new Pet Rabbit... This is offered to help make "Pet Rabbit Ridge" your "One Stop Shop" for all your Pet Rabbit's needs.


High Sales Volume for August !

Posted by Steve Collier on September 7, 2010 at 8:42 PM Comments comments (0)

Even though last months births were low, Pet Rabbit Sales were higher than expected for this time of year. Usually August is one of the slowest months of the year for sales, so I wasn't very concerned when the birth rate for the month was low...I sold 26 rabbits in the past 30 days, so as it turns out, I have orders for more rabbits than I have at the present, so I had to go on a breeding frenzy to try to meet the demands !

I currently have three litters due tonight and tomorrow, and over the past couple of weeks, I have bred 5 more does ! That will give me a total of 8 proven breeders pregnant to try to fill some of these orders.

Many times it's easy to get too many rabbits in your operation because the demand drops off drastically in the summer months... Developing repeat customers is the key to running a profitable business on a year-round basis, and planning a couple of months ahead doesn't hurt either. It only takes a couple of months to replenish you supply, but having rabbits available at all times is a must, because you just never know what this months demands will be.

Mini Rex Due on the 11th. ...

Posted by Steve Collier on July 8, 2010 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (8)

I have a couple of litters due in the next 3 days... The first is a Brennal Standard and Buddy, my mixed Dutch. She is getting pretty big, but I don't expect a very large litter in this hot weather...

The other I have bred I am really looking forward to... It's Baby, my Blue Eyed Chocolate Dutch / Rex that I bred with 50 Cent, my Blue Eyed Smoke Pearl Dwarf. She appears to be showing signs of being pregnant, but she hasn't gained very much size... This is my first attempt of breeding a Mini Rex from my own combination. Both parents have Blue Eyes, and I am hoping they will pass this trait on to the kits.

I would also like to mention, my pet Bantam Hen has started setting her second brood this season ! She hatched 6 chicks on 05/01/10, and raised them to 6 weeks before I took them from her, and after being without them for a couple of weeks, she decided to set another nest. She has 11 eggs under her this time that are due to hatch around the 23rd of July.

Pet rabbit sales are down for the month, but I have a customer that is due to pick up 12 at once around the end of the month. Although the Pet Rabbit Sales are off ( because of the heat of summer I suppose), the Pet Pen Sales are up for the month. I've sold four this month with people asking about 2 more so far this month. The extra cash will come in handy when it comes time to buy feed with the pet sales so low.  

Sales Are Down... Expectations Are High...

Posted by Steve Collier on May 16, 2010 at 12:58 AM Comments comments (0)

The usual weekly sales at Jones Road Farms has fallen off a bit since the first of the month... Its getting to be the time of year when sales usually fall off a bit, which makes it a good time to select breeders from the New Arrivals.

Ever since the first of the year I haven't been able to choose any rabbits for myself to raise as Replacement Breeders for next year because the demand has been so high for these beautiful Baby Bunnies, even though there were several that I would have really rather saved.

Anyone that is considering Breeding Rabbits for profit needs to look far enough ahead into the future to meet your own needs... May, June, & July Births will be the right age for breeding for next years Easter season, and depending on how many rabbits you plan to offer for next season will determin just how many you should consider raising for Breeders. Just remember, first time Breeders have a tendency to have fewer kits in their first litter.


I personally plan to raise 10 new Breeders for myself, but I have found that raising more can prove to be profitable because people that haven't planned ahead will be looking for Breeders shortly after Christmas to fill their Breeding needs. I will probably be looking for 20 suitable Doe Rabbits in the next few months to raise off for Breeding purposes.


I currently only use 7 Breeder Hutches, which in turn requires 14 Doe Rabbits to be in full production to insure 7 litters per month... Which in turn means I can produce around 50 plus Rabbits each month. I am currently down to 8 Doe Rabbits that are old enough to breed, & this years sales with increased production weren't enough to meet the demand, so I am planning to add 3 new Breeder Hutches this year and use 20 Breeders for the next Easter season.


After my Breeding cycle next month, I will reduce production to only one or two litters a month until November when I will resume full production of 10 litters a month... By the time January rolls around, I will have around 80 kits weened and ready to sell to retailers each month until after Easter.


A little planning now will go a long way when it comes to meeting demands for next year... So if you are a Breeder or considering being a breeder... Take my advice and plan ahead... Just because your sales are slow right now, don't get frustrated and give up on your project... This offers the perfect opportunity to select your next generation of Breeders !   

Those Went Fast !!!

Posted by Steve Collier on April 19, 2010 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I am always amazed when it comes to how quickly my baby rabbits sell... It seems people want them quicker than I can breed and ween them !!! But that's alright... Sales are what make my little farm the success it is...

The last two litters I weened sold in two weeks... I suppose my prices have a lot to do with it, but when I figured it up when I first started pricing my rabbits at $7.50 each for the fresh weened... a litter of 8 kits results in a $60 income from my breeder. Since I only get a litter from her every 2 months... This means she is making me $30 per month. Feed cost per month for the mother is $8 to $10... So I actually make $20 to $22 a month per breeder...

With 10 Breeders I am able to have 5 litters a month when everything goes according to plan... This means I clear $100 to $110 a month... It really doesn't sound like all that much, but the breeders I raise from the kits that don't sell help to make my profit, but you have to keep in mind... These rabbits have been in my care for several months and have helped pay for their feed with a litter or two before they are ever sold... So a rabbit I sell for $30 has actually made $150 !

None of this could be possible without developing a market for rabbits and raising awareness of what great pets they make... The Internet has probably been the best marketing tool I could have ever choosen to use... It allows me to reach 1000's of potential customers. My prices seem to do the rest...