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Fall is Finally Here !!!

Posted by Steve Collier on October 26, 2011 at 7:55 PM

I was just checking on the site and noticed I haven't posted any Blogs since Easter... and next week is Halloween !!! Time sure flys when you are having fun... Or staying busy as the case may be...

I really got to thinking about my breeding schedule when I realized that November is almost here... One thing I have learned over the years is to always plan ahead, and since it is almost November, that means I only have about 3 breeding cycles to go before Easter !!!

If any of you Rabbit Breeders have followed my advice, this is a great time to break in those new breeders that were left over Pets from last Easter's sales... I currently have 11 Breeder Hutches to work from, which seems to meet the demands of my current Breeder License which allows me to sell up $5,000.00 in gross sales of Pet Rabbits every year.

As new Breeders are Bred, I have to make room by releasing some of the older, less productive Rabbits. The released rabbits stay close and expect to be fed every day at feeding times as they have all their lives. Even though they have freedom to eat any vegetation they want, I still provide Feed and Water twice a day to help keep them healthy in their old age... and they still love to come up and be petted as well.

People are facinated that my dogs don't bother the released rabbits... but for that matter, they don't bother the Free Roaming Chickens in my yard either... I have learned that most Domestic Animals will co-exist in the same environment as long as they are allowed the freedom to do as they please (excludeing hurting one another), but much of this comes from proper training of the more dominant animals.

I am expecting 4 new litters in the next couple of weeks from New Breeders which include : Lionheads, Smoked Pearl Dwarfs, Holland Lops and Blue Havanas... If all works out well, my third breeding cycle will be just in time for Easter when these young Breeders are in their Prime. I really hate to try a "New Breeder" at Easter time, because you never know what to expect until the second or third litter.

I have been trying to expand my variety of Pet Rabbits here at Pet Rabbit Ridge ever since I started Breeding Rabbits... I hope this next Easter Season will provide my customers with a wider variety than any other rabbitry in the area... A wider variety equals increased sales by capturing a larger market... but it all revolves around planning far in advance... So don't be afraid to start planning now for your Spring Sales.      

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