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The Big Freeze of January 2014 !!!

Posted by Steve Collier on January 7, 2014 at 11:10 AM

      Every once in a great while, weather conditions are so extreme that it makes it hard to believe how anything could survive, let alone helpless little rabbits. This is where a little knowledge goes a long way, and sometimes the only way to obtain this knowledge is to experience it first hand... Another way is to follow the advice of someone who has actually had to deal with the problems and is willing to share their advice.

      After dealing with all types of weather conditions that have arisen over the past six years I have been raising rabbits here at Pet Rabbit Ridge, the knowledge that I pass along on this Free Website is basically a conglomeration of the experiences I have had to face. By far, the Extreme Cold has to be one of the most difficult times you will ever have to face, and being prepared ahead of time makes all the difference in the world.

      Having the proper Pens or Hutches to withstand all types of weather conditions is only one aspect of taking care of your Pet Rabbit on a year-round basis... It took me about 3 years to finally come up with a design that I felt was good enough for not only my customers, but for myself as well. Each of my Pen or Hutch designs are used here on the farm at Pet Rabbit Ridge so I can testify as to how well these Pens and Hutches actually hold up to after years of daily use. I guess you could call this the "Research & Development Department" of my business...

      I have learned to keep a watchfull eye on the weather forecasts over the years to help me prepare for my rabbits needs... Ice Storms, Snow Storms, and just plain old Fridgid Weather are my main concerns when it comes to taking care of all my animals. Usually this consists of making sure I have plenty of feed, water and Bermuda Hay available in advance of any extreme cold weather conditions.

      By following my own advice listed in the "Extreme Weather Conditions" section of this website, I have a 100% success rate when it comes to survival of my animals...

      The temperatures droped to 6 degrees here this morning on January 7th, 2014... But I was prepared and had everything ready days in advance... My Pens along with plenty of Bermuda Hay gave all my rabbits the protection they needed when the windchill reached a staggering -15 degrees !!! Best of all, with the help of a very dedicated Mother Rabbit, a new litter of Baby Rabbits that are less than 2 days old are toasty warm this morning and all survived !!!

In weather conditions like these, watering is also a very important part of your Pet's Survival, so I go out several times a day with warm water to put in their drinking bowls to make sure they have plenty to drink during the daylight hours... I hope everyone follows my advice in the "Extreme Weather Conditions" section so they will share in the same successes I have found. 

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