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Hi all

This is my story...I live in the country, about 9 months ago I would notice a little brown rabbit with a baby wild rabbit eating grass in my yard. Now I have 3 full grown German Shepards that roam said yard...This went on for weeks. I stopped seeing them and thought they had moved on. As I said I live in the country and also have 1 Llama, 1 Goat and 2 Miniature Donkey's. I have pens with sheds for those animals away from the dogs. One day when I went out to feed the animals I saw the brown bunny! Lonngg story short he moved into the shed has made a house under the hay bales with help from us we feed him every day he stays on the safe side of the fences and weaves in and out of the farm animals feet....he greets me when I bring out his parsley and carrots...My questions are should I being doing anything different will he be okay? I feel he was an Easter gift that was taken on a one way ride to the country when the new wore off. Any advice would be helpful.

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Steve Collier
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Parsley and carrots are fine for snacks, but if it is a domesticated rabbit, you might try offering it some regular rabbit feed to insure it is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy...


Steve Collier,  owner of Pet Rabbit Ridge

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