Caring For Your New Pet Rabbit

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Common Health Problems & Cures (Preventive Measures)


Rabbits in general have fewer health problems than most pets, and most of the problems that arise are a direct result of your Pet Rabbit's housing or nutritional needs not being met. The best way to insure you have a healthy pet is to make sure these needs are met on a daily basis as a preventive measure...

Keeping your rabbit in a Pet Pen designed to allow the urine and fecal matter to fall through to a catch pan or the ground below is very important... When your Pet has to stand or rest in it's own manure, you will find that your new pet will quickly become sick and possibly die as a result. Pet Pens designed with 1/2 inch wire mesh flooring really work best to help prevent sickness in most common sized pet rabbits, but a larger mesh wire will be needed if you have one of the larger breeds of rabbits as a pet.

One common problem your new Pet Rabbit may face will be dehydration... & it's not always because you haven't provided a plentiful supply of fresh water. Feeding your new Pet Rabbit too many fresh fruits and vegetables can cause the same problems. Here at Jones Road Farms, I use only the finest quality Pellet Feeds available (NatureWise by Nutrena) to help insure the health of all my rabbits, and use fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks or treats once the baby rabbit reaches one month of age. Make sure your Pet Rabbit always has an abundant supply of fresh clean water, and don't feed your pet too many fresh fruits and vegetables to help prevent dehydration. 

Ear Mites & Canker Sores


Canker Sores in your pet's ears are usually a direct result from Earmites or some other form of irritation which causes your Pet Rabbit to constantly scratch at it's ear. Treating the problem early on is really best, but sometimes you may not notice there is a problem until the ear is showing signs of scabbing and inflamation. The best treatment I have found for this type of health problem would have to be (VetRx Rabbit Remedy) which is availably at many local Farm & Feed Supply Stores. By warming the liquid and applying a few drops in each ear every couple of days, even the worst cases will heal in a week to 10 days.

After successful treatment, I highly recommend giving your pet a bath and cleaning its primary housing with a bleach water soultion and rinseing to help eliminate future infections. It's very important to clean your pets housing on a regular basis (monthly or every 6 weeks) to help avoid problems such as these.

Cold in The Eyes & Snuffles


Sometimes you will find that your Pet Rabbit will develope Eye Infections or (Cold in The Eyes) much like many people suffer from at times. This occures in some of my baby rabbits just as they are beginning to open their eyes between 10 and 12 days old. Alergies? Maybe, but more times than not it is because some foriegn substance has irritated the tear gland as the baby rabbit was taking it's first glimpse of the world. Loose hair from the nest, dust or small pieces of hay can all cause this to occur. It can also be the fact that your pet actually has a cold and needs medication to clear up the problem before more serious problems develope.

Cold in the eyes that tend to matt the eye shut is easily treated with a little fresh water and a paper towel. Wet the paper towel and gently brush the infection to moisten and loosen it until your pet is able to open it's eye on it's own. (Never try to force the eye open to avoid injury...) VetRx Rabbit Remedy will need to be given in your pet's drinking water to clear up the problem. Simply mix 8 drops of VetRx Rabbit Remedy to 1 (one) gallon of water and fill your drinker with the medicated solution. This type of medication treatment works well for snuffles as well.

Daily treatments in this manner may be needed until the foriegn matter causing the problem is removed,or the cold has cleared up.Normally this is a problem with very young rabbits... Should this problem occur in an older Pet Rabbit, it may be due to an eye injury and you may want to consult your Vet for treatment, but VetRx Rabbit Remedy works well if the problem is only a cold... No matter what age your rabbit is.

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